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Well,                              , let's face it: absolutely everyone needs an editor, no matter how dazzling their writing may be! Even seasoned pros are so deep in the word jungle, they need a machete to get the hell out! 

I can't tell you if you've got lipstick on your teeth. #grinandbareit

I can't tell you if your skirt is tucked into the back of your underwear. #giveyourselfapatontheass


Nor can I tell you about the coffee stain that's in a questionable spot on your blouse. #GoGoGadgetCardigan

Here's what I CAN do:

Literally, SAVE YOUR ASS!             

And by literally, I mean
LITerally because words are my love language. Even though it's kinda like herding cats sometimes. #meow

Awkward phrasing? Be gone!

​Do you have a love-hate relationship with they're, there, and their? I got you, girl!

Did your hero start out with short brown hair in Chapter One and end up with shoulder-length black hair in Chapter Four? Not today, sister!

As your Editorial VA, I'm here to help you save time, money, and panic-inducing embarrassment with crystal-clear, riveting writing that leaves your audience jonesing for more.

Whether you're an author or entrepreneur, I'm kitted out to jazz up your editing workflow and glide your project from "That nagging thing I need to do" to "Can we just cherish the done-ness, please?"

Got questions? I've got answers. Hopefully. Maybe. I mean, I'm sorta positive that I do...


Explore editing solutions tailored to both romance authors and entrepreneurs.

I'm all about working with badass fempreneurs - whether you're a service provider, a B2B business, or indie author crafting smexy short stories.  Don't see a package below that suits you? I can always create a customized option for you. Check out my offerings below, and then let's connect to start our collaboration


For when you need one final pass before you sashay on down to Publication Road.



  • Surface check of typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting

  • Free sample edit

  • Three-pass proofread of your entire document

  • Clean and edited versions of your document

  • Feedback via inline comments

  • Custom style sheet​




Investment $0.012/per word


For when you’re happy with the structure of your work, but now it’s time to keep your audience engaged and make sure they understand WTF is going on. Be prepared for me to be all up in your business. 


  • Basic proofread along with flagging for repetition, awkward phrasing, ambiguous vocabulary, obscure jargon, and content inconsistencies.

  • Free sample edit

  • Three-pass copyedit of your entire document

  • Clean and edited versions of your document

  • Feedback via inline comments

  • Custom style sheet


Investment $.02/per word


 on Retainer

Well, lookie here! You get me! Every month! For the authors and fempreneurs needing editing assistance on a consistent basis. I'll copyedit your badass words, and you'll receive an even more badassery version of your words with an explanation of my revisions.


Princess Package |

1,500 words | $60

Contessa Package |

3,500 words | $140


Diva Package |

6,500 words | $260

Celestial Package |

9,500 words | $380

Queen Package |

15,000 words | $600


Blog posts, newsletters, product descriptions, social media captions, website copy, short story romance novellas, non-fiction books, podcast notes, courses, booklets, etc.

Hey Book Babes! Be sure to check out my Reading Policy first to make sure we're a good fit. If you're ready to get started, click on the button below.

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