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When I started reading adult romance books, I quickly learned what I did and did not like within this genre. I have decided to apply this same reasoning to the material that I read for my business. You see, I’m a little superficial. I like my heroes flawed and drop-dead gorgeous, my heroines strong and feisty (even if that doesn’t happen until the end), and the sexy times hot enough to make me change my underwear (it’s happened).

Now, before you get all upset and complain about the unfairness of it all, let me explain. I’m not saying those other genres are lacking in any way. I just know what I love to read. And I feel it would benefit my clients if I limit myself only to the genre and sub-categories that I’m interested in reading. I mean, wouldn’t you rather have a reader who loves your characters and your worlds as much as you do? Think about it. If your manuscript doesn’t fit within one of the below categories, then I will not be a good fit for you.

Subgenres I love to read

  • Contemporary

  • Paranormal (shifter and/or vampire only. Similar to Lynsay Sands, J.R. Ward, or Shelly Laurenston)

  • Suspense

  • Interracial/Multicultural

  • Erotic (no BDSM, same-sex, menage, or reverse harem)

  • Light MC 


  • M/F couples in the primary hero/heroine roles (but I'm an ally for LGBTQ+ supporting characters).

  • No end-of-book cliffhangers (as in "Find out what happens in the next book!"). I want a HEA or an HFN (Happy For Now).

  • No dark motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy kind of shit.

  • No large age gap (not a fan of 20+ year differences)/Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby shit.


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