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RELEASE DAY: My Forbidden Holidate by Autumn Wilds

It's release day for my client, Last Chapter Press. Author Autumn Wilds' book, My Forbidden Holidate: An Age-Gap Holiday Romance (Valentines and Holidates) is out now!

Go check it out!

She’s a college student ready to give it all up for the right man. He’s a divorcee who will do anything to protect his daughter. Will a blind date make them see what’s been right in front of them all along?

Hayden Going to college was never my plan, but I’m determined to make the most of it. Falling for my employer while babysitting his daughter proves that there’s more to life than studying. When a blind date forces me to acknowledge my feelings, I can’t help but wish tonight would last forever. Dan’s willingness to overlook our age difference proves that he has a heart of gold. But should I risk falling for someone twice my age when I haven’t even started my life yet?

Dan When my ex-wife walked out on our family, I thought I would never find love again. All I need is my daughter’s love and safety to make life worth it… or so I believe until our new babysitter arrives. But when she treats Star like her own daughter, I can’t help but wonder if I’m doing the right thing by keeping our relationship professional. Hayden’s eyes never lie - she loves my daughter as much as I do. How can I prove to Hayden that she’s more the missing piece we’ve been waiting for? The romance and twinkle of Valentine's Day leads twelve passionate women to take a chance on a man who will make their Valentine wish come true. These blind date holidates are filled with roses and chocolates and are as unique as the Valentines hidden in their mailbox. You won’t want to miss out on these heartwarming, instalove stories, perfect for celebrating all the feels this Valentine's Day. Go on a date with your next book boyfriend!

No cheating. No cliffhangers. Always a happily ever after.


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