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Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? I've got answers. Hopefully. Maybe. Possibly. If you don't see your question below, please feel free to Holla! (but, y'know, with your inside voice, of course).


What's the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

Proofreading and copyediting are used interchangeably, which can be confusing. Proofreading is a surface check of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There's no change to sentence structure and any changes to wordiness or clarity will be indicated as suggestions, so you can make alterations on your own.  Copyediting is targeting wordiness, pacing, style inconsistencies, word choice, syntax, and general clarity. 


How long do GoddessBoss on Retainer agreements last?


You have a choice of 1, 3, 6, or 12-month agreement, with the option to renew at the end of the period.


Do unused words roll over from month to month?


Unfortunately, they do not.  #BoototheHoo If you're getting close to max word limit, you will be bumped up to the next tier.

Can I make adjustments to a retainer package?


Hells to the yeah! I can be a flexitarian. If you don't see what you're looking for, holla at me and I can create a custom package to meet your needs.

Can I set up a consistent editing schedule?


I'd be all over that like white on rice. As Tom Cruise said in Jerry McGuire, "Help me, help you." Once you're onboarded, a client portal is set up for you. But if you need to integrate me into your own project management system, that's fine, too. We can discuss workflow, scheduling, and deliverables once I've been hired.


How long does it take to complete an edit?

Well, that depends entirely on the length of your document and the editing type. Based on the scope of work and a sample edit, I'll be able to estimate how long the project will take. We can then determine the due date for the first revision. If you wish to work with me on a retainer, we'll discuss workflow, scheduling, and deliverables.

Will you be using my project for case studies?


Well, it's proofreading. Or copyediting. There's not much detail to go into when it comes to these services. If you're thinking there will be public grammar shaming or publishing confidential/proprietary information, you won't be finding any of those shenanigans going on over here. However, I do post "vague" project details with word counts, client testimonials, and book release announcements on my social media channels. Full details are outlined in your contract.

What kind of results can you guarantee?


As we all know, there are no guarantees in life. I aim for perfection, but I am far from perfect. I can guarantee that I will use reasonable efforts to ensure services will be rendered to the best of my abilities.

Why don't you charge by the hour?


I don't want to charge by the hour because that reminds me too much of the Corporate Hell I'm currently trying to extricate myself from, so I kicked that option to the curb. 

Will you sign an NDA?


BRING IT, BOSSBABE! You've got material to protect, and I am here for it. 

Do I need to sign a contract to work with you?


Oh, girl, YASSSSS! An agreement outlines expectations for our relationship and the project, and, well, there's the whole accountability thing.

What if I need a rush edit?


I think The Supremes got it right when they said you can't hurry love. At this time, I don't offer rush (as in a 24-48 hr turnaround) edits. I am still currently chained to a cubicle in Corporate Hell and do not have the time for a quick turnaround. However, that will change once I've managed to screw the cubicle.

What do you NOT edit?

I don't edit medical, legal, academic, or technical documents. And fiction novels that don't fit within my Reading Policy guidelines. 

How do you edit changes?

My preferred method of editing is via Track Changes in MS Word. I provide a clean version of your project with the changes embedded and I also provide a version without the changes embedded. This way, you can choose to either accept or reject any changes on your own terms. Additionally, I use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), PerfectIt, ProWritingAid, and Merriam-Webster Dictionary as resource tools, unless you would prefer me to use something else.


Why do I need an editor? Can't I just get a family member or a friend to go through it? Better yet, I can just use Grammarly, right?

Sure, you can have your bestie, or your mom read over your work. If you want feedback from the point of view of the general public. But they're not an editing expert, haven't had any training, and don't understand the unique rules of style guides. As for automated tools like Grammarly, I'm not going to knock it. Not gonna lie, I cheat and use editing software (not Grammarly) in my business but as an addition to my other tools of the trade. Machines and humans are not infallible, but we can work in tandem. Unless you're a Terminator. Then we're all fucked.

Do you edit full-length books over 15k words?

No. I discovered short stories during the lockdown and have since preferred reading them--with the exception of a few authors--for pleasure. They're quick and easy, and I can read a shit ton of them in one sitting. Since I'll be working with female entrepreneurs in addition to indie romance authors, I won't have time to devote myself to editing full-length novels. 


Will my files be safe?

Oh, yes, girl. You will have access to a private folder on a secure FTP site where all your projects will be stored. Only you and I will have the secret code word.

Do you only work with women?

Yes, only women+. My business name is an homage to female entrepreneurs, no matter your age, race, whatever. It's me, it's you, it's female empowerment, and we're gettin' shit a GoddessBoss.

Soooooo, what's with all the cussing?


Sometimes, a swear word is the only word that works. It is HARD out here for female entrepreneurs. Whether you're writing a novella or a blog post, it is NOT EASY. I think the women I serve are fucking badass and that requires some colorful language. If that's not your cuppa joe, then we will not be a good fit.

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