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Woot! You’ve finished writing that novel and you’re ready to strut on down to Publication Station.

Or are you?

At some point, you’re going to have to take a step back and have another set of eyeballs well, eye-bang your material. No author wants to lose a reader or receive a DNF rating due to sub-quality work. 

If you decide to become a member of the                            Book Club, know that you will be working with someone who’s been an avid reader of adult romance for over thirty years. And someone who loves the romance genre as much as you do. I’m your last line of defense before you send your book baby off into the Big Wide Publishing World. Let’s make sure your mistakes don’t cockblock your progress. 

Had enough of the foreplay? Then keep scrolling to find out how I can help you.

Got questions? I've got answers. Hopefully, Maybe. I mean, I'm sorta positive that I do...



This service ensures you reach your climax and get sent off with a well-satisfied smile (or a cigarette, or a cuddle, or straight to sleep. Your choice). You just need one final fu—er—pass before you sashay on down to Publication Road.



  • Surface check of typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting

  • Clean and edited versions of your document

  • Feedback via inline comments

  • Custom style sheet

  • One (1) free round of additional revisions

Project-based rate starts at $100



This service is for the author who needs a deeper, more technical eye-banging of their material. You’re happy with the structure of your work, but now it’s time to keep your readers engaged and make sure they understand WTF is going on. Be prepared for me to dig about in your panty drawer, your dirty clothes basket, and maybe even between your sheets. 



  • Basic proofread along with flagging for repetition, awkward phrasing, ambiguous vocabulary, obscure jargon, and content inconsistencies.

  • Clean and edited versions of your document

  • Feedback via inline comments

  • Custom style sheet

  • One (1) free round of additional revisions

Project-based rate starts at $220

The Process

This service is only for independent adult romance fiction authors who write steamy short stories and/or serials up to 15K words MAX. My goal is to build long-term relationships, which is why all prospective GoddessBoss Book Club members are required to submit a four-page sample. The sample will allow me to determine the status of your novella and the type of services you really need. 

I only accept ONE genre, but multiple sub-categories. Please review my Reading Policy before requesting a quote. If your manuscript doesn’t fall within those categories, then I likely won’t be a good fit for you.

Books in a series or anthology collection are considered individual submissions, but discounts will be offered for repeat clients.


Additional read-throughs will be considered a new project and charged at regular rates.

Need a consistent eye-bang? Consider retaining my services on a monthly basis. Just let me know when you fill out the Author Intake Questionnaire. 

Check out the GoddessBoss Book Club page to see the books I've edited.

*I do not accept work that contains graphic or disturbing content.


**I do not offer Rush options.


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“Celise is one of the most professional, most engaging, and most entertaining people and businesses I've ever worked with. I would suggest her services to anyone who wants a polished and sparkling manuscript."
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