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Heytherehey, I'm Celise!

When I was younger (elementary-school age), I suffered from a stuttering problem. Nothing too severe, but enough to where the library and I became besties. I buried myself in books.


And diaries.


And then journals, when I got older.


Which led to a love of writing fiction starting in the seventh grade.

But a funny thing happened during my freshman year in high school: I discovered adult romance books. Despite the fact that I was writing YA fiction, living vicariously through my friends, and then writing about it (Hee-hee. Oh yes, I was shneaky-shneaky like that), I didn’t like reading YA. Apparently, I thought they were boring as hell. Hah. Go figure.

I don’t remember the romance title that changed my life forever, but needless to say, I was hooked. For life. So, thank you, Unknown Romance Author. Yet with great reading power, comes great responsibilities:

Like spotting errors and correcting them.

Wanting to become Captain in the Grammar Police.

Finding out that I could get paid to read, so I could help others tell their story better.

So, I took my love of the written word and invested in proofreading training to better hone my Eye Spy skills. The fact that I can be a set of eyes for female entrepreneurs and authors makes me want to do the Snoopy Dance.



Photography Credit: TK Maye


My business name is an homage to female entrepreneurs, no matter your age, race, whatever. It's me, it's you, it's female empowerment, and we're gettin' shit a GoddessBoss.

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