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Kickin' errors to the curb for female entrepreneurs and independent romance authors





I see you over there, gettin' all up in your business feels.

Until you realize that you maybe-probably hit Publish on your blog post before going back to finish that one sentence. Gah! I hate when that happens.

Or maybe you saw that one-star book review on Amazon and it was as painful as getting sucker-punched in the hoohah. Or so I’ve heard.

I get it. Editing your words can be challenging. You can read your content over and over and still miss the small details. After the 50 kajillionth read-through, the word jungle starts to get so dense you need a machete.

So before you stick a fork in your eye and call it a day…HOLD. UP. 

I’m here to help.

I can't tell you if you've got
lipstick on your teeth. #grinandbareit

I can't tell you if your skirt is tucked into the back of your underwear. #giveyourselfapatontheass

Nor can I tell you about the
coffee stain that's in a questionable spot on your blouse. #GoGoGadgetCardigan


Here's what I CAN do:


Literally, SAVE YOUR ASS!             

And by literally, I mean
lit erally  because words are my love language. Even though it's kinda like herding cats sometimes. #meow

Awkward phrasing? Be gone!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with they're, there, and their? I got you, girl!

Did your hero start out with short brown hair in Chapter One and end up with shoulder-length black hair in Chapter Four? Not today, sister!

Whether you've written a book, blog post, course, or newsletter, I can shine your crown of prose and be the final set of eyes before you hit send or publish.




Hit the buttons below to check out my services.



Founder, proofreader, and copyeditor here at Like A GoddessBoss VA. Do you hate the feeling of putting content out for all the world to see and then cringing when you find a typo? GoddessBoss, I feel you! 

Imagine writing and not stressing that you missed a comma.

Your story begins on page one... and so do the errors. But having a second set of eyes (mine, in case you were wondering) on allll your writing can provide peace of mind.


"Celise is more than just grammar and punctuation. She is someone who is truly wanting to help you make your business, your website, or your writing better."

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